The beginning of a new adventure…

It has begun… We had our first concert on Friday!!! 🙂

It was very exciting rehearsing for it and we were all stirred up, getting it all ready in time! We practiced a couple of days in a row for the concert. Stacy and Cornel had to make the piano and guitar sound just right together and then we arranged the voices, in a most beautiful way I might say! 🙂 Some parts of the songs are quite challenging to play and so they also had to rehearse a lot just getting those pieces arranged well! So Stacy played the piano, Cornel guitar and then the three of us sang, Stacy being the main voice of course. Personally, I was sooooo thrilled to be able to sing with them as a background vocal, I love singing and Stacy’s songs are challenging me to sing better so that’s always good! 😉 And apparently all our voices sound nice together so yay! I’m happy for that! 🙂

So here’s us practicing…















Somtimes a little correction is needed:


But don’t worry, we’re not serious all the time… Sometimes, we’re just plain happy when we’re rehearsing… 😉


And then sometimes we’ll be practicing very seriously and our rehearsal will get brutally interrupted by… Mad Eye Moody aka Edgar coming back from a Harry Potter-themed dance party at the dance studio he works at. Stacy jumped up half a meter when she saw him… And honestly now, who wouldn’t?! 😉


So the concert! It was on Firday night in the basement of Stacy’s close friends Rob & Stephenie. It was a very nice and intimate space, just perfect for our first concert! 🙂 A crowd of about 15-20 people gathered, most of them all close friends and family, so it was a very nice playing for all of them like that. We started with 4 of Stacy’s songs (which especially Stacy performed beautifully! :)) and then continued with a couple of worship songs and just had a really nice time of worship and prayer. After the concert part was over, we still got to chat a lot with some people, got to know them a little better and even laid on floor together with Stephenie while we were chatting. Talking about feeling welcomed into someone’s home! 🙂 It was a very nice evening!

This was the setup for the concert:


Getting ready for the concert: I made some bundles with the lyrics of Stacy’s songs, so that people could follow what we were singing. The lyrics are very powerful!


And here’s us performing:
























We also got to see many old friends again! It was wonderful seeing all of them again!

Here’s us with Cynthia and her mom. Cynthia came to Romania a couple of years ago and stayed with us a couple of months. It was wonderful having her there and we loved seeing her again!


We also got to see Stacy’s mom Alice again, together with her husband Andres.


We also got to meet lots of new friends! 🙂 It was so nice meet all of them!!!

This is us with our hosts for the evening: Rob and Stephenie:

People having a nice little chat:

And me and Stacy just happy to be there! 🙂


After all that excitement of the concert and only getting to bed at about 2-3 in the morning, we were pretty wiped out the next morning… Untill…we went to Waffle House!!! 😉 All that sugar turns out to be good for something! 😉 Got us right back on our feet… Well at least me, see when I have too much sugar, I start hopping around like a little rabbit on Duracel batteries… Also after Waffle House! I was all alive again! 😉
















And this is me “before” and “after” eating the waffles…


















In the afternoon I went to Books for Less cause they had major sales going on! And I love sales… 😉 They have all these christian books I wanted to buy anyway so this was a good day to make my move… 🙂 They had a bunch of tables set up outside with books costing only 1, 2 or 3 dollars! Luckily for me, there were a bunch of books I wanted to buy on the tables outside! 🙂 Inside they had another sale where you could buy 2 used books and then get one for free! And then because Stacy had store credit there, the price would be even half of the original price! So in total I got all these books for like 24 dollars! 🙂



























Stacy and Cornel went back to rehearsing and recording. They’ve been working on 2 songs called Tribute to the Marthyrs and Helpless this weekend. Tribute to the Marthyrs is about honoring the persecuted church and Helpless is about abortion. They made a beautiful symphonic part on Tribute to the Marthyrs, it sounds just like a movie soundtrack! 🙂



















Oh yes, and they went to guitar center…AGAIN… 😉




And here are the funny things found in America:

  1. Traffic lights are way up in the air, not right next to you, so when you drive around here for the first time, you have to look for them…
  2. When something is closeby, they say it’s right up the street, even when it’s in the next village.
  3. The toilets have water in them all the time, so things can just ‘float’ around before flushing. Pictures will not be added for our sensitive readers… 😉
  4. They add suplement protein or other stuff to their smoothies or food so that they would get enough of that in their system, instead of just getting it out of the normal food.
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Practice makes perfect…

We’ve been doing sooooooo many things these last couple of days that I don’t even know where to start! 🙂 Relaxation is definitely over and work has begun!

Demonstrating that –> Stacy:

No no, just kidding… 😉 Cornel and Stacy have been practicing so much these days, both together and seperately. Stacy has been recording scratch vocals for some songs, Cornel has been practising very hard for the solo on one of the songs (about 7 hours straight today! Good job, hon’!), they’ve been playing together to figure all the songs out and to make them sound good and they’ve been making playlists and adjustments for the upcoming concerts. The first concert will be on Friday evening, so they are now really making sure it will all sound great! And great it will sound yes! 🙂




















Oh and did I mention the went to Guitar Center AGAIN? 😉 Brought some more guitars to the guitar doctor. When we go pick them up after that they’re all shiny and new again and sound like brand new guitars! 🙂














Stacy also had lots of piano lessons on Monday and Wednesday. She is such a good teacher, so caring towards the students and just really sweet. You can tell the students love coming to piano class, not only to learn piano, but also just to come to ‘Miss Stacy’. 🙂 She does her work with dedication and love and that’s pretty much all you need. A little love… 😉


Here’s Maredith getting her lesson. She’s such a gifted singer and musician, I had the opportunity to observe her lesson, it was a joy to watch her learn, play and sing! You  go, Meredith! 🙂


















Here’s Melissa getting her lesson, who we just met today, she had dinner together with us. She’s also a very precious believer, she’s got a great strength and determination about her to follow God and do what’s right. It was so nice to meet her! 🙂



Besides all the practicing and music lessons we’ve also done a bunch of “Firsts in the USA”! 🙂


For example: I’ve been to my first grocery store!!! Well grocery store, it’s more like a huge supermarket for us! Me and Stacy went to Publix! It was really fun! Cause the stores are so different here than in Europe, they have so many different products, so it’s really nice to walk through them!



So Publix, where they have Stacy chips and looooooots of Jello! 😉
















Where you know for sure that you’re on Coco Cola land now! 😉


And most importantly, where they have the biggest bags of M&M’s I’ve ever seen!!! 😉 Told you everything was huge… 🙂


One of the other “Firsts” things we did was going out to eat breakfast! That’s so American! So Cornel and me just thought we should have that experience one morning and went to the Mall to get some breakfast! 🙂 We had some coffee and a hot chocolate and an egg sandwich. One egg sandwich, I was like: Is that it?! 😉 Oh well…

















We went to the European Market just up Stacy’s street, which actually is a Romanian supermarket. It’s owned by a Romanian lady so we got to talk Romanian to her and buy all sorts of European things there! There are quite some Romanians living in this area of Georgia, they even have Romanian churches and everything! And Romanian supermarkets like this one… Here we are with the owner, Mia. 🙂













We also went to Books for Less right next to Mia’s Market! It’s store with books for like half the price of normal books, you can find new and second hand books. I was amazed at how many christian books they had! And they’r enot expensive, so I’m surely bringing some back with me!!! 🙂


I got to go to the library here for the first time! 🙂 You have to understand, I LOVE libraries! In Belgium I used to go to the library every week. Just walking through it and looking through all the books calms me down, it’s so relaxing! So I got to go there and of course to me, it’s filled with new books I haven’t seen before! I LOVED IT!!! And the funny thing about it all: You can check out up to 75 items at once!!! 75!!! That’s so crazy!!! I kept it moderate and only checked out 8, which by the way you can do yourself, nobody scans it for you at the check out, it’s a self scanner! Amazing… 😉 So library and book store in the same day, it was like a holiday for me! 😉


We also got to see Cliff again yesterday. We had dinner together at Stacy’s house, gave Cliff some water from the ‘Spring of Wonders’ from Romania 😉 and then went to Bible study together. And guess how me and Cliff got there! Yes, in a Mini Cooper!!! I LOVE Mini Coopers! And now I got to ride in one and yes, he even let me drive it! Yaaaaaaaaay!!! 😉 By the way, it was really nice to meet Papa Don and the rest of the Bible study group! They were all lovely! 🙂















Last but not least (I always keep the best for last! ;)): Today was my first time baking the best looking cookies ever with Amy!!! 🙂 I’ve talked about her cookies before, well, today I got to see how she makes those little bundles of joy! And I got to make and decorate some myself! It was sooooo much fun!!! Amy said I did very well for my first time so yay! 🙂 And like I said in the title: Practice makes perfect! 😉 A lot of time goes into making the dough, then rolling it out and getting the shapes out of it, baking them, making colored frosting, frosting the cookies, letting them dry and then outlining them, but it’s sooooo worth it!!!  They look and taste awesome!!! Amy is so creative and artistic, it’s amazing what she can do with that frosting! Take a look and enjoy! 🙂


These are all her cookie shapes!



Making the cookies (with a little help from the kids ;)):














And here’s the yummy looking result! 🙂
















Made this one especially for my honey! 🙂













As usual, here are some funny things I discovered in America! 😉

  1. In the grocery store, they have all the prices for 2 or more items, so it might be cheaper or to encourage people to buy more of one product, but you don’t find the price for just the one item. Oh and they also carry your groceries to your car for you! Isn’t that nice?! 🙂
  2. The diet coke doesn’t taste like the coke light in Europse AT ALL, it tastes like horrible chemicals!
  3. At an intersection, you can turn to the right, even if you’ve got a red light in front of you.
  4. People here eat ketchup with their fries and mayo on their hamburgers, in Europe it would mostly be the other way around.
  5. To show you yet again how huge everything is here: this was a SMALL smoothie… of almost a liter… 😉
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Dancing and Pirates…

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t written some new stuff this weekend, but we’ve been having some trouble with headaches and dizziness and stuff like that… Probably the late jet lag kicking in… So please pray for us that we will be ‘jetlag-free’ soon and will be able to work to our full potential! Thanks!


So it’s Monday again! Normally it would be like : aaaaaah Monday again??!! But here’s the days are all a little blurred into one an other anyway so it doesn’t have that much of an effect… And having no cell phones probably has something to do with it too… 😉 I even forget what day or date it is here… But this weekend was a good one, we did some nice things! 🙂 


On Saturday we started our day driving through Atlanta. Through HOT Atlanta, may I add… oh and I should mention that were in a truck, 3 people sitting in the front seat where there are basically just 2 seats and we were all dressed up…  Too bad we don’t have a picture of that, cause that was a petty funny sight…

We arrived in downtown Atlanta to see Stacy’s brother Cliff at his apartment. We were there to pick up a piano we needed for the tour and also just to see Cliff again. He has visited us several times in Romania and it was really special seeing him again! His apartment is simply gorgeous! I was about ready to move there! 🙂 Cliff is a very talented DJ (he’s got his own DJ business called C-TRAM) and entertainer. We had some coffee and tea together and it was nice just catching up and remembering the ‘good old times’… 🙂

And Cliff’s puppy Missy also wanted to come with the piano! “I wanna be a roadie!!! ;)”


After visiting Cliff, we went to the award’s ball of Edgar’s dance students. Edgar is a dance teacher at Ballroom Dance Clubs in Atlanta and on Saturday all the students of the studio got their certificates of completing their level of dancing for the year. They each did a dance with their dance teacher after which they got the certificates. Edgar’s students did very nicely! 🙂 In between the awards for each level everybody would dance with everybody and so at one point, one of the teachers came to ask me for a dance. Yay! I love dancing! 🙂

Defenitely happy to be there 🙂 :

At the end of the award show they put all the names of the teachers in a hat and then the students could pick out 2 names: first was one was the leader and second the follower and then those 2 would have to dance together to a dance that was also picked out of a hat. There was some funny dancing going on that way! 🙂

Here’s a picture of us with the owner of the dance studio: Kristine. She’s also donated a bunch of materials of the studio for Talmid Ministries, our ministry in Romania. So thank you for that, Kristine! 🙂 


After all that excitement we went home and just relaxed a little. Then Cornel and Stacy started practising the songs (cause of course, there should also be some work done!;)), fitting all the parts together for the acoustic performances they will be playing on the tour. It all has to be changed a bit, since on the cd, there are parts with lots of instruments and on the tour, there will be only guitar and piano, except for on the cd release concert (there we’ll have a whole band yay!). So they now have to find the balance in it all, bringing it just to the right intensity. But I’m sure it will sound amazing!!! 🙂 They work so well together, are both very talented and the Lord is graceful to give lots of inspiration! 🙂


On Sunday Cornel and Stacy went to Guitar Center (again! ;)), to tweak his electric guitar this time. Yes, the better we can get those guitars to sound, the better! Cornel likes his guitars to be at their best and here they provide a good service for that so… Of course, during the tweaking, he has lots of things to look at and test while he’s waiting… 😉 This is to him what malls would be for me I guess… 😉

While they were at Guitar center, I stayed home to rest a little (cause of the dizziness grrrrrr), but I also made myself useful by organizing our stuff in the closet in our room. Isn’t it beautiful? 😉


After that Stacy and me went to Plato’s closet, it’s a real nice second hand store closeby, they have a bunch of really nice stuff! Finally some girltime! 😉 I got a tshirt for like 3 dollars and 2 books: one for 2 dollars and the other one for 50 cents! 🙂 














In the evening it was double date time!!! 🙂 Dinner and a movie yay! Edgar & Stacy and Cornel & me went to eat at Parma, they had real nice pasta and pizza! Yum yum!













Then: the new Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides! 🙂 We went to see it in 3D at the IMAX Cinema in the Mall, the best 3D cinema I’ve ever seen!!! The movie was good, maybe not as good or funny as the other 3, but nevertheless entertaining! 🙂 And let’s be honest: Who doesn’t like Captain Jack Sparrow?! 😉



Ok last but not least: the funny things that I’ve seen in America this weekend! 🙂

  1. Yoghurt pots open upside down  
  2. On the highway there’s a special lane called HOV for vehicles with 2 people or more to encourage carpooling, so if there’s a lot of traffic, but you have 2 or more people in the car, you can just drive on that one
  3. They have an ATM machine where you can drive your car next to, just like a drive through at McDonalds or something, just for serious business like depositing and stuff… 😉
  4. People still pay with cheques here and like I said, they can deposit them at the drive through ATM machine… 🙂
  5. Nobody walks anywhere so there are no crossovers or sidewalks anywhere, everybody drives




Thanks for reading and for praying for us! We appreciate it so much!!!

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Fellowship and malls…

Hey everyone! Second post of what’s going on with us here in America…


After a couple of days of relaxing and getting used to the way of life here and the time schedule (still no jet lag thank God! :)), we started jumping into action. Chilled relaxed action, but still…

Yesterday evening Cornel and Stacy went to record the children’s voices for a song called ‘Helpless’ about abortion. They went to a special studio and had 3 little girls over to sing: Savannah, Aziza and Gracie. The kids being able to sing on the song was very special, they were the voices for the unborn, very touching. They were so cute, one of them, Gracie, is only 5 years old and kept forgetting the words, so they had to record her part one word at a time. That’s going to be a lot of editing, but they said it was totally worth it so yay! 🙂 Cornel won the girls over real fast with his charm and his guitar playing… 😉

This morning, after waking up at 7.30 (joy ;)), Cornel and Stacy went to Guitar Center to tweak his acoustic guitar and get some more gear for the tour (they got some really good deals, thank You Lord! :)), and as for me, I went to the mall… 🙂

So, introducing: the Mall of Georgia! 🙂

Ah yes, the Mall… my new found sanctuary… 😉 I walked in there planning on just looking around: “Don’t worry, Stacy, I’m not going to buy anything, I’ll just look around for now, compare things and then after going there a couple of times, I’ll be able to buy stuff much more wisely!” Blablabla, that doesn’t even sound like me… 😉 So I came out with about 5 bags… I can’t help it, everything’s new and pretty… And everybody is sooooooo friendly, how can you not buy stuff from them?! 😉 For now I only did the 1st floor (which would be our ground floor, it’s just plain confusing…), 2nd floor is reserved for next week, too much of something is just not healthy…

Favorite stores so far:

    • Yankee Candle Co, best smelling candles!
    • Victoria’s Secret, no longer a secret… 😉
    • Pottery Barn
    • Teavana, yummy tea and pretty teacups
    • Mac and Clinique counters in the department stores
    • Fiore, cutest little stuff for in the house, I was so amazed by all the christian stuff they had there, it was soooooo cute and the sales ladies were sooooooo nice, shared life stories of course… 😉
    • Macy’s
    • Chick-Fil A (I’ve understood that if you really wanna live in the South, you NEED to love chick Fil A so ok then! 🙂)

Again, I’ve met some real interesting people! At Fiore, I’ve talked to the 2 nice sales ladies for about half an hour, they told me nice places to go see in Atlanta, we shared our life’s stories and they were just really nice! I’m sooo going back there! Darlings!

And at the Mac counter in the department store, I found Chandra, who was so helpful and just super cheerful!

So the mall was awesome! And I had so much fun, cause whenever I would ask the sales people something that seemed kind of funny, my response would be: “I’m European, so…” 🙂

So great stores, although they sometimes also miss the truth here and there:

World’s greatest fries? We all know where the real greatest fries come from… 😉


In the evening we had a suprise welcoming party at Stacy’s house with all of her students who came to perform some songs. Stacy is a piano and voice teacher, she teaches by the Suzuki method, and seeing her students perform today, I wanna take some lessons! 🙂 They were so awesome! The younger ones were so cute and adorable, but at the same time they were already so skilled! The teens have amazing voices and gave us a performance that we will not forget soon! Cornel and me also sang a song and then Stacy played a classical piece on the piano. Everybody brought some food (one mom bakes the most amazing artistic cookies and has agreed to share her secrets with me yum yum!). The food was all so good and we had such good talks, it was just lovely to meet all of them and have fellowship with them! One family even brought us some welcoming gifts, that was so touching that they even thought about brining us something, cause they had never even met us before! It was so sweet. Such a blessed and special evening…

Here’s Allison giving her performance, 2 Disney songs, she has an amazing voice and she’s totally made for musicals!

Amelia was totally adorable!

This is Amelia’s older sister Elise, also super cute!

This is Aziza, she performed both separately and together with Savannah. They sang the song Helpless again, since they had just sung that in the studio that day before… 🙂

And then Savannah, little ball of fire:

Last but certainly not least: Meredith. Her voice was amazing and you could see she has such a heart for worship, really sweet!

Me and Cornel singing a song together:

Group pic with all the students! Aren’t they adorable?! I told their moms I’m gonna take them home, they agreed as long as they could fit in my suitcase… 🙂

We leave you with a smile from the 3 of us: Cornel, Stacy and me and some yummy yummy cookie! 🙂










And some funny things that I’ve found in America today of course!

  1. The public toilets aren’t totally closed on the side, more like see through… (Come to think of it, that’s not funny, more like horrifying…)
  2. The security in the mall drives around on little upright stands with 2 wheels, it’s like whaaaaaaat??!
  3. All prices that are displayed are without taxes, so they’re like: ‘yes these are only 19,99 and then the final check comes and they go: ‘that’ll be 21,50 please’ and I’m like what?? Deceiving people like that…
  4. Check out this commercial for chick fil A:
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Good morning America!!!

Ok guys,

this is the first post about our new adventure in America! Here you will be able to read what’s happening with us and then you can follow along! So here we go:

Our travels started on the 31st of May. After packing for a couple of hours and getting everything ready in the house for Cornel’s mom to stay there, we were about ready to go! In the mean time of course we were already getting really excited about the trip (well I was, hopping around like one of those battery rabbits… :p) Last stop before we left: my parents house for some dinner and a shower and then around 12am, we were ready to leave!

We left in the middle of the night, cause our flight left at 09h30 from Budapest, Hungary and so my dad was going to take us there with the car. Since it’s a 6 hours ride, we wanted to leave a little earlier just to be sure we got there in time. Wouldn’t wanna miss this flight!!! 😉 One thing we forgot: that in Hungary it’s one hour earlier, so we arrived there like 3 hours early, but well, better 3 hours early than 2 minutes too late… The first flight was from Budapest to Warsaw, Poland, that was like a one hour flight. Second one from Warsaw to Chicago was about 10 hours… That was a LONG flight… Apperently they call Chicago the ‘windy city’, which unfortunately I noticed by getting sick during landing… yay… but thanks to the help of my wondeful husband and our neighbour on the plane, I felt better already by the time we had to get off the plane. The third and final flight was from Chicago to Atlanta. Final stop! Finally! 🙂 All together our flights were really ok, it was a little tireing, but everybody was so nice on the planes and in the airports (except in the Warsaw airport, they were just totally stressed out there…).


We also met some real nice people on the way! While we were waiting in Budapest, we saw a young couple looking kind of down in front of the airline agency we were also flying with. Cornel asked them what was going on and apperently, the girl was also traveling to Warsaw and then Chicago like us, but she had one extra bag and she had no more money to pay the extra bag with cause she hadn’t calculated that in the traveling price. So they asked the airline to let the bag on for free and else they would have to figure something else out. Cornel has such a big heart to help people and I’m so proud of him for that, so of course he walks back up to them after a minute and says: hey if you want some help, we could give you the money (like 40 euros) and then you could just send it back to us in America. They were so impressed that he suggested it, you could see it on their faces that they were amazed. But they said they were going to wait on what the airline decided about the getting it on for free. So we left for our gate and soon after, the girl, Rachel, followed and said they had let her through! 🙂 We got to talking on the first flight and then in Warsaw aiport she tells us that we were so nice for trying to help her and that she’s sure good things will happen to us, cause people who do good things for other people always get good things returned to them, she put it as Karma, we told her it were blessings… 🙂 On the second and longest flight from Warsaw to Chicago we normally didn’t have seats together. Rachel had her seat in the area of one of ours, so she just suggested one of us could switch with her and then we would at least be much closer already. So in a way, the blessings already were given to us right there, cause if we wouldn’t have been nice and gotten to know her, we would have had one seat in the front of the plane and another in the back… then there was another girl willing to switch 3 rows with me and we ended up sitting together after all. 🙂 Yay! So would say: never miss an opportunity to be nice to people and be helpful to them. Even if you don’t see the rewards here, there will surely be a reward in heaven! 🙂 

Another girl we met was sitting next to us on the 10-hour flight, she was real nice also! We talked a lot, she’s an english teacher and just came back from Crete teaching english there… Ah Crete… 😉 They didn’t show any movies on the plane, luckily, our sweet neighbour had some dvd’s with her and we had our laptop, so we could still watch some and keep ourselves busy. We didn’t sleep too much on the way, too excited I guess.

We din’t have any problems at the customs in Chicago, they let us through just fine. Of course, we are friendly lookin’ tourists… 😉 The only ‘glitch’ in our joy: in Atlanta, they had lost Cornel’s 2 guitars… :p We brought his acoustic guitar and his electric guitar, we wrapped them together so it would be only 1 piece (the nice airline people said we could, else we would have payed so much more on extra baggage, thanks you nice airline people!!), but so because of it’s interesting shape, they kind of left it hanging somewhere… Luckily, they located it fast and brought it to Stacy’s this morning! 🙂

And so… now we’re heeeeeeeeeere!!! :)))))))))))))

Stacy came to pick us up at airport in Atlanta. By that time I was so tired I couldn’t really be too excited anymore, don’t worry Stacy, I was jumping up and down in my heart… :p We took a ride down town Atlanta (which is really pretty at night, the light on the buildings and everhthing looks like nice!) to have some dinner (or breakfast or something our time…) and we ate at this really nice place and they’re all soooooooooooo friendly serving you!!! Seriously, Naomi, our waitress, would come back every 5-10 minutes asking: ‘Do you guys need anything else, are you okay, are you comfortable, should I get you anything else, do you want  a refill?’ Wauw… Romania, read this and LEARN!!! 😉 We had some sweet ice tea (yum yum but sweet sweet lol), some lettuce wraps (like normals wraps, just with lettuce instead of bread, real weird looking combination, but really good!) and then I had some grilled sandwiched, Cornel had some pizza (which he tweeked, of course… ;p) and some salad. Yum! The south has some good food! 🙂 Last time Cornel was in America, he didn’t really like the food (sorry to all you Americans reading this :)), but he said now America is rising up again in his culinary eyes… 😉 After dinner we drove home, had lots of traffic and then we finally arrived at Stacy’s place around 12am I guess. My one thought: SLEEP!!! 😉 Good thing it was evening here too, so it all worked out, we went to sleep in wonderful king size bed (yep everything this is big here!) and just woke up in the morning and so far, no jet lag!!! Yay!! Hope it stays like that!

This morning it was snoopin’ time!!! :))) Not that I’m curious or anything, I just wanna see and know everything… 😉 So I went through the whole house and looked around (by the way, their house is so lovely! Stacy has like themed rooms and everything is either with flowery prints or happy colours, that’s just like her, and so it suits the house!). We have our own bathroom (Stacy and Edgar have another one next to their bedroom) and so of course I had to make good use of it! Bath here I come! ;))) Got all pampered up again, realxed a little and then went to explore the garden. Now I must tell you, Edgar arranged this garden all by himself, he did all the work for it and I can tell you this: it looks AMAZING!!! 🙂 Flowers, bushes, bird houses, a totally comfortable swing couch, hammock, it all looks amazing!!! Great job Edgar!!!

Ok so things that are funny in America:

  1. They have olive oil in a spray can!!! So you just spray some oil into your pan… 🙂


  1. Everything is huge! Milk bottles in a gallon (like 4 litres), orange juice in a gallon, glasses that are like half a litre,  just like the cups, sky scrapers, buildings, cars, … I feel tiny… Yay! :p
  2. When you’re talking to people (even like waitresses) they tell you their whole life story and you can tell them yours and they’re all excited for what’s going on with you, eventhough they don’t know you!
  3. It’s totally hot outside, but if you go into a restaurant, you have to put your jacket on cause of the airco…
  4. The bread here either tastes sweet or sour.
  5. The Cheerios are soooooo much sweeter than in Europe, it’s like eating liquid honey… With milk 😉

Enough funny things for now, I’ll let you guys know some more in the next couple of days as discover more! As for now, gotta go make some stew! 🙂 More pics to come!

Don’t forget to pray for us! Thanks, we appreciate it sooooo much!!!

Love, Shari (and Cornel) Olar-Weyts

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