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Last weeks in Atlanta…


So this is the last blog about last summer! After this one, there’s only going to be present and future blogs instead of past blogs… 🙂


After touring for a couple of weeks, and spending our last 2 weeks in Dallas, Texas, it was time to go back home to Atlanta. It has been such a great experience travelling through the South East states, we’ve seen so many great things, visited some cool places and met some amazing people.

But sometimes, it’s also nice just to be home again and relax. Of course, that relaxing part would have to wait, cause we still had a lot of things to do, eventhough the official touring part was over.

There were still enough things to do: record some more (of course), visit some new found friends, visit Stacy’s family in South Carolina again for the weekend, rebuild the music room, celebrate our anniversary, go to a worship evening, hang out with some other musicians and have an awesome yard sale!!! 🙂

So here’s a little view on those last couple of weeks we spent in the States!

Like I said, there still had to be some more recording done while we were there, but that could not be done before we redid the music room! 🙂

Here’s what we started with:




Stacy wanted to take her own motto and simplify! 🙂 So everything got moved around, big shelves were thrown out and a more practical desk was put in. Only problem, the desk would not put itself in, so we needed a man to handle that! Cornel to the rescue! 😉 He built, rebuilt, hammered and planned!

Almost there… 🙂











And here’s the result:











Of course, if that wouldn’t have worked out, we could always count on Stacy to save the day! 😉












So when the music room was done, they could start on the recording! They needed to record some more vocal tracks and so with Cornel in the music room and Stacy in the recording booth, they did some of their finest work! 🙂












And of course, if Cornel and Stacy were working hard recording, I couldn’t sit around and do nothing! So I practised my piano some more! 🙂













Now eventhough the real touring was over, we still had 2 ‘concert stops’ to make in those last weeks. The first one was at Hearts on Fire Ministries, a very nice and on fire church near Atlanta. We were asked to come play some of our songs, but to also worship with them. It turned out to be an amazing evening. We met some wonderful people, the pastors are amazing, the sound technicians and worship leader, the people there, it was just so nice to meet everybody! We played some of Stacy’s songs, Cornel and Stacy got to share some and then we went into worship. It was so special, everybody worshipping together!

Here are some pictures:














Our second stop was back in South Carolina with Stacy’s family and the church there. Remember the church with the grey headed men where we had one of the best church services ever? 🙂 So much to learn from them, it’s amazing! Well, we were asked to come back one more time and play some more songs and just worship. So see, our ‘concert stops’ were really all ‘worship stops’, best kinds of stops! 😉













Also, they asked Cornel to give his testimony, so he did. It’s a great story, how the Lord brought him back to Him (like he likes to say it)!














Of course, the story would not be the whole story without our story, the story of how Cornel and I ended up together! The Lord did such an amazing thing, made it so clear to us that we were meant to be together, so of course that story had to be told as well! My turn to tell my part of the story!














It was so amazing to tell our story to those people in church, they’ve all been married for so many years, some of them even for 50 years! So it was very special to be able to tell them our story and then to watch them and think about how our lives will look in 50 years. 🙂


After the meeting all that was left for us to do is hug Stacy’s family goodbye (especially Mommo! ;)), take a group picture and drive back to Atlanta… Goodbye South Carolina, goodbye wonderful people!
















We also still got to spend some more time with Alice, Stacy’s mom, her husband Andres and Stacy’s brother, Cliff. One afternoon we went over to Alice & Andres’ house, had a nice meal together and just spend some time together. Really nice! Their house is so nice and Alice sure knows how to decorate a table! And cook too, of course! 😉

















In the meantime, there was some great relaxing time outside and afterwards even … sleeping time inside! 😉

















It was also nice for Stacy (and us! :)) to hang out with Cliff some more!


















Like I said, we also got to spend time with some new found friends. Especially Cornel is this case. Stacy introduced him to the Russ & Hollie Johnson and their family. They’re a wonderfully musical family! Russ and his boys have a band together, they write their own songs, play together in the transformed basement and have a great time together as a family! They asked if Cornel could come spend some time with them, maybe record them, show them some more music stuff and just hang out. So he went over to their house for a couple of days and had a great time!


He arrived there fully equiped… 😉












Here’s a picture of the whole family:













We also got to hear some of their songs! They sound amazing and it was really great hearing what they had written!












Of course they wanted to hear some of the songs we had been playing on the road as well! It became a very musical evening! 🙂













Another great thing that happened in our last weeks was: YAAAAAAAAAARD SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALE!!! 🙂

I now LOVE yard sales, not only going to them, but having them too!!! It’s so much fun! You get to stay outside all day, meet some interesting people, have friends over and well, make money with stuff you’re not using anymore anyway! Great great concept!!! 😉 Stacy and Edgar had already done a bunch of yard sales to support the music ministry and the Romania ministry, but now they had one when we were there and when I could actually be a part of it! People asking me how much this costs, me telling them it’s 7 dollars but if they take 2 then they can get them both for 10 dollars… Aaaah it’s like I was made for this… 😉


So here’s how our yard sale looked:













We had Christmas decorations, vintage clothes, books, dvd’s and cd’s, toys, jewlery, furniture, pretty much anything you could think of, we had it! 😉



















We even had a 1 dollar table!











We had lots of friends come over to help or just to see what we had in store.


Cynthia  and Abby came to help us a couple of days:














And let me tell you, having a yard sale has all sorts of advantages… 😉











Allison came to buy a vintage dress (doesn’t she look adorable?! :))











Even Cornel’s friend Richard came to support our cause!















And the neighbour’s cat also came to help… 😉











For the occasion, I also made some cookies. Cookies 4 a cause! 🙂 I made oatmeal raisin cookies and decorated sugar cookies. The money went straight to the kids from Romania and their school sponsor program.












At one moment, it started raining cats and dogs, I mean, really pouring down like CRAZY! We had to rush to put everything under blankets or under the roof. Unfortunately, not everyone made it… 😉















Ok almost there… 🙂



For our last night in the States, Edgar and Stacy took us to an arcade! First we had a really nice dinner. Our friend Cynthia also joined us!
















Then we played some pool…















And some glow in the dark bowling!!! How awesome is that?! I had never even heard of something like that!














So those were our last adventures in the States!

We had such an amazing time! It was such a great experience, we met so many interesting people, did some really fun stuff, learned a lot, it was just amazing!!! We had such a blessed time!



Thanks again to Edgar and Stacy, who let us stay with them for 3 months, giving us a place in their home, a piece of their time and a whole lot of their love. Thanks you guys!!! We love you!!! Can’t wait to see you again!!!















To be continued… 😉


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Touring the tour – Part 4: Texas

Hey you guys! I know what you’re thinking: a little late for another post about last year’s tour… But I really wanted you to hear the last parts of our adventure! And well, better late than never, right? 🙂

See, by the time we got back from all the touring and I had made the blogs about the first parts of the tour, it was already time to go back home to Romania. And once we got back home, we were thrown right back into work and well, lots of craziness  going on!

So now, 9 months later, we find ourselves 2 weeks away from the next USA summer tour!!! Yes, in about 2 weeks we’ll be flying back to the States for another 3 months of music, touring, concerts and touristing (yes that’s a word! :p). So I wanted you guys to see the last parts of last year’s summer before we start the new adventure of this summer! I have 2 more blogs to make about last summer: this one is about the last part of our tour: Texas. And then the next blog will be about our last weeks back in Atlanta. So I hope you don’t mind reading about last year… I’ll try to do better this summer and post my blogs in time! 😉

So here we go!!!

After visiting Nashville and Memphis (Graceland remember? :)), we drove on to Texas, where we were going to stay with our beloved friends Daniel and Kirsten Hodson for 2 weeks. And let me tell you, we had a wonderful 2 weeks!!! Daniel & Kirsten (and their whole family) were so welcoming and nice to us and we had such a blessed time with them! Daniel & Kirsten have 3 children: Leah, Carey and Haley. They have such a lovely home, it was amazing staying there for 2 weeks!

Here’s a picture of us with (almost) the whole family: Kirsten, Stacy, me, Cornel, Haley, Leah and Daniel.

Here’s a picture of Leah and Casey:

And Carey and Molly:

So now you’ve met the whole family! 🙂 This last picture was taken on one of the concerts we did in Daniel and Kirsten’s house. We had 2 concerts organised in their house and they were just wonderful! An intimate kind of setting, just a couple of friends and family, it was really nice! We were so blessed! And apparently the people were too, cause some of them even came back for the second concert too! 🙂

This was our setup in Daniel & Kirsten’s livingroom:

And here are some concert pictures:


















We also had 2 special guests :p! Haley plays the harp beautifully and so she let us hear some in one of the concerts. And Leah has a beautiful voice and sang a couple of songs with us! 🙂








Now the concerts at Daniel & Kirsten’s house were also combined with a meal. Everybody brought food and desserts and it was really nice! Since I like cookies and desserts so much, I made muffins, oatmeal cookies and decorated cookies! 🙂 Daniel also wanted to help write the messages on the heart cookies! 😉
























And of course, the cookies had no chance, they were sentenced to death from the start, like Stacy is demonstrating here… :p






















We also had a concert in the home of John & Betty Brembeck, Daniel & Kirsten’s friends. They also opened their livingroom (and music room) for us to play in. It was such a great time and we met such wonderful people!

Here’s a picture of us with the Brembecks!

They have this really beautiful old piano that Stacy got to play on and so because the piano could not be moved, we played from the music room the piano was standing in. Some chairs in the next room and we were ready to start! 🙂












So those were the ‘home’ concerts. 🙂 One Sunday we went to church with Daniel & Kirsten. They go to a very big church next to Dallas. The service was very nice and afterwards we went to have a little chat with the pastor. Daniel mentioned we are here to do some concerts and so the pastor says: “That’s great! Why don’t you have one here too?” Now I don’t know about you, but that usually doesn’t really happen like that! 😉 You normally have to ask weeks or months in advance to play in a church like this! So that was awesome!!! We had the chance to share our songs and some of the things we do in Romania as well and it was really great!


Here are some of the concert pictures:
























After the concert, Kirsten, Stacy and me went to a standup comedy evening in the same church. Tim Hawkins was coming for a concert and since he’s a christian standup comedy artist we wanted to go see! So it was a little girl’s night out! 🙂







So like I said, Daniel & Kirsten live next to Dallas. One day they took us through town and showed us some cool places. Like this one: the Trinity Overlook, it’s a very nice view on the city!








They also showed us lots of other stuff! Kirsten introduced me to thrift stores (second hand stores that are AMAZING!!!) and so I was addicted from the start! 😉 They also showed us a real ‘Texan’ place (being in Texas and all… ;)): the Southern Junction! It’s a restaurant/bar/dancing place (whatever it’s called) that all country!!! It was soooooo much fun!!! There was live music, dancing (everybody dances and apparently, they all know the steps too…):


Here’s how it looked:















And you have to grill your own meat! Good thing us Gourmands know how to do that! 😉















Here’s all of us sitting at the table together! It was such a great evening, getting to know everyone a little better, having some great food and just hanging out! And having some love in the air too of course… 😉















And if all that fun wasn’t enough fun, there always was… THE BULL!!! :p








Stacy was the bravest of us all, she went, she conquered, she rode!!! 😉










So that was our time in Dallas, Texas! It was such a wonderful time. Of course we did many more things than you can see in these pictures, but that would just be way too much to put in a blog! It was great! 🙂 Thank you so much Daniel & Kirsten (and the rest of the family!) for taking us in and letting us stay with you guys! It was such a blessing and it was just AWESOME!!! 🙂 We hope to see you again soon and be back soon too!




Oh I almost forgot, I wanted to show you the newest member in the Hodson family! 🙂 When we were there, Kirsten got herself the cutest little dog: Honey!!! Isn’t she adorable? 🙂







So go with the cute puppy and these words: If ever in Texas in July, take your sunscreen, water and a pool, cause it’s freakin’ HOT!!! :p

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Touring the Tour – Part 3: Graceland

Ok so this is the 3rd part of the tour report! And this post is a real musical one!!!

On our way from Nashville to Texas we stopped in Memphis to visit Graceland, home of Elvis!!! King of Rock ‘n’ Roll! Thank you, thank you very much! 🙂 And I mean, come on, if we were already driving through Memphis to get to Texas, why shouldn’t we stop? Really now??!! 🙂


We had the chance to take a tour through his house, see his car museum and walk through his planes. It was awesome!!! Just like us to do a little tourist detour on our way to some more concerts… 😉


So today you get to go on a little tour with me through Graceland… Enjoy!!!




When we got there, we first saw all these signs, telling the tale of Elvis and his life along the way…




We bought our tickets, got us some headphones (the whole tour they would explain the history of each room and place and extra if you wanted to hear more) and got into the buss that would take us up to his property. Ready, set, go!




When we first got on the property and saw his house, this was our gorgeous view:














His house, by the way, is now a national historic landmark! How cool is that? Elvis brought so much to the USA that they made his domain a national historic landmark!!! Makes you think about what we’re leaving behind after we pass… Hopefully something even more than a historic landmark… 😉






So let’s go inside and see all the rooms! The second floor (first for Europeans lol) that has the bedrooms was not open to the public so that they would still have something private for the family… So we just got to see the whole first floor (ground floor for Europeans :))  but let me tell you, there was enough to see to last you a long time! Elvis designed the whole house himself and brought in the finest products to decorate with…



First up: the livingroom and music room behind it. Complete with peacocks and everything…





His parents’ bedroom (Elvis took care of them and had a special place in his house for them). Isn’t that gorgeous?!





Dining room:






The kitchen, where there was always something going on and where somebody was always cooking, at any times of the day…







The basement, complete with a bar and 3 tv’s, so that Elvis could look at 3 programs at once. He had heard that the president watched 3 news programs at once and so why not? 😉 













The pool room with crazy decorations, like the carpet on the ceiling and walls!!! 🙂







The exotic room, which he used a lot for recording when friends came over to jam, since it has good acoustics. And a waterfall on the wall… 😉













He has a space to practise his shooting…






A place for all of his history and valuable pieces:












Like this custom made guitar!






A place for all his golden and platinum records… And let me tell you, there are A LOT of them! 🙂 It’s humbling but yet amazing to stand there and see all of that! Especially for Stacy who is a recording artist too, but well, it’s a great room to stand in for anybody with dreams…

















And some more records… 😉 He acutally got a statue in that room that was given to him for being the best recording artist ever…






A place for all of his crazy shiny outfits! Love them!!! 🙂














He’s got a gym and piano/lounge room right next to it. (In case he’s tired and has to lounge out after working out?! ;))













And then there’s a place where you can forever put yourself on camera with him… 🙂





Over to the outside! This is the back of the house and behind it, a space for his horses…














A pool of course… 🙂




And also outside are the graves of Elvis, his parents, his grandmother and his twin (who knew he had one??? There was no date on the tomb stone though, so I think his mom either had a miscarriage or the child died at birth… Imagine what he could’ve become if he would’ve been born…).

















After the tour through his house, we went over to the car museum to see all of his cars.


Here’s me and Stacy with the car at the entrance:





All the cars inside of the museum were amazing, very cool! But then again, who needs that many cars? 😉 Here are just some of them. The pink one was a gift from Elvis to his wife Priscilla.














After the car museum, the last stop were his 2 planes. He has one big plane called the Lisa Marie, after his daughter. Then he has another smaller one, for shorter flights I guess…


Here’s Stacy and me with the Lisa Marie! This plane was huge, it actually had all these different compartments, like rooms: livingroom, bedroom, … Amazing!





And here’s the inside and the cockpit:














Elvis had his planes designed with special products too! A lot of things are made out of gold, like a part of the seatbelts and the sinks! Imagine that! He also has a closet in the plane to take his outfits with him when he travels.













Here’s us in his other smaller plane:













Well, there you have it! Your own private tour through Graceland… 🙂

Hope you enjoyed it!


Next time we’ll have concerts in the post, I promise! 😉

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Touring the Tour – Part 2: Nashville


Hey guys, this is part 2 of the 3 week tour we were on! This part is more a report on how good of a tourist we can be! 😉

After spending the weekend in South Carolina we got in the car for a 6 hour drive to Nashville! City of music… 🙂 We would be spending a couple of days with Stacy’s BFF: Judy! Judy is the manager of a huge apartment complex in downtown Nashville and so we got the chance to stay in the same appartment complex in the guest suite! Yes I said suite! 😉 It was wonderful! We had a great time with Judy and we got explore Nashville for a couple of days! Being on tour and Nashville being such a musical city (home of country music), we were in the right place!!! 🙂


Here’s a picture of Stacy and Judy so you know who we were hanging out with! 🙂




So like I said before, we had the chance to act as tourists in Nashville! (then again, we ARE tourists lol… :)) So as soon as we got the chance, we got our camera and went out to explore the city! Here’s what I discovered and learned about Nashville:


The founding of Nashville happened in 1775 in the comany of James Robertson and John Donelson (who shook on it at one point or another ;)) and at one of the early settlements called Fort Nashborough, which you can see on the pictures below here. It was actually pretty funny seeing the inside of the little wooden houses of Fort Nashborough, they looked like a lot of houses in Romania and the tools they worked with, we still use in the village! 😉












Right beside Fort Nashborough, there’s the Cumberland river where steamboats float around…




There’s a huge square in the middle of the “justice corner”: The Court House, different justice buildings and then from there you have a straight view on the Capitol. Lord knows we need justice…


















Cowboys (and cowboy stores) are very common here… We got into it a little too much actually… 😉
























Nashville also has a broadway, so of course we had to go there! If not the original one, at least we can say we were on some Broadway… 😉 Broadway is filled with cute touristic shops filled with tshirts with funny country one liners, restaurants and bars where every evening you have live music in about each bar! Very cool!















You also meet interesting people there: Chessman and Elvis! 😉












Of course they also have a bunch of music shops (and restaurants!)















This last guitar shop was very interesting to Cornel… Of course! 🙂 Like guitar paradise! He was trying out a bunch of guitars…
















When suddenly… all these cameras came out of nowhere! 🙂 2-3 guys filming us at the same time, another guy checking the monitor to see if the image and colors were right, people taling to us saying: don’t worry just act normal that’s perfect! What??? Yes we were movie stars for a brief moment in time… 🙂













Well what actually happened was that these camera guys all came in and they were getting everything ready to start filming a famous singer/DJ in the guitar shop and they were going to film him in the same place Cornel was trying out the guitars. When we asked them if we had to move they said: well actually, if you’ll just sit there for a moment, we can check if the image and lighting is right in that spot, we’ll just pretend you’re him! And so, there we were, being filmed by professionals in guitar heaven… All these people in the shop staring at us probably thinking: Which famous person is that? 😉




I also heard there’s an “evil” building downtown Nashville… 🙂




And I saw sometimes the city is a little confused… Is it Third or Fifth Bank and then the street names…

















We also visited the Ryman! That’s an old concert hall (now renewed) which has a lot of history in the city. It was originally made by a christian to have church services there! Great artists and speakers(from Elvis to Eleanor Roosevelt to all the famous country singers to present artists like Sting, Bryan Adams and Kelly Clarkson) have performed in this auditorium and so it was awesome being there, getting our picture taken on the stage and seeing all the history there… We could even make a record there if we wanted to… Too bad we already have a studio at home, that would’ve been cool! 😉























One of the days we were there, Stacy and Cornel were going to go look at some music shops. I figured I would rather do something cultural and so I visited the Cheekwood Plantation! 🙂 It’s a marvelous  old mansion which has now been transformed into an art museum and it has all these different kinds of gardens! It used to be owned by Mr. Cheek, who then married Ms. Wood and that’s how it became the Cheekwood Plantation! Isn’t that cute??!! 🙂 They were in the coffee business in the early 1900’s. Now the mansion is a museum of art (with a lot of pieces that were owned by the Cheekwood’s) and they had a landscape architect design all the different gardens so that from whatever view, it would all look wonderful! Oh, I feel like I’m in an old movie, like Gone with the Wind or something… 😉


Here’s the entrance to the plantation and the mansion:











Now unfortunately, they don’t allow people to take pictures inside the art museum, so I can only show you pictures of the gardens… But they were gorgeous just as well! They had a different name and themes for each garden: Color Garden, Japanese Garden, Herb Garden, Wildflower Garden, Terrace Garden, Water Garden, etc… Gorgeous, filled with all sorts of flowers, statues, herbs and plants… Here are some pics:




















And some more pics… 🙂
























In the herb garden I found some interesting plants, this was the first time I’d ever seen them: A cinnamon plant and a ginger plant! 🙂

















And especially for my mom: A tiramisu plant! 🙂









One of the other places we visited was the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. Let me tell you: AMAZING!!! My first thought when I got inside was: This is a hotel???!!! First of all, it was huge! And second, in every hall there was another theme of jungle or flowers or water or something like that! You actually had a view that could’ve been in the jungle or somewhere like that! I mean, jungle, waterfalls, flowers, a river through the hotel, fountains, a huge glass roof, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it!

Check this out:




















There was a fountain in the middle of the hotel where they had a whole show with lights and water on music, it was so beautiful!
















Like I said, there runs a river through the hotel and you can take a boat ride, so in the boat we went! While we were in the boat, the guide also told us the history of the hotel and how this river came to exist: When they were making the hotel, they sent out little bottles all over America and the rest of the world and asked if they would fill these bottles with water from their rivers. Then with all the bottles people had sent back, they poured it all into their river and that was a whole ceremony of the mixing of the waters, which stands for standing together and there being no difference between all nations. Very cool! 🙂

Here’s us in the boat and our view from there:

















Of course, in all that beauty, there had to be a little moment of romance too… 😉





So those were our adventures in Nashville! We had such an amazing time! Thanks again, Judy, for letting us stay with you and showing us the city!!! 🙂 You ROCK!!! 🙂

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Touring the tour – Part 1: South Carolina

We have just been on a 3 week concert tour and it has been AWESOME!!! 🙂 It’s been such a blessed time, amazing amazing! So many doors were opened, people got touched by the concerts and we had even more blessings returned to us, it was blessed! 🙂


A lot of things that had to be done: concerts, travelling, sightseeing, rehearsing, sleeping, swimming, eating, shopping, … lol… So because of this, I have not had the time to make new posts on our adventures, but now that we’re back in Atlanta, I can start letting you know again what’s been happening!!! There’s been happening A LOT! 🙂

After going through a billion pictures, I’ve narrowed it down to the best ones and so here’s the first part of our tour report! 🙂 I have to break it down into a couple of parts, cause there are just too many pictures to put in one post! Enjoy! 🙂



3 weeks ago, we packed our bags and all the equipment, got it all in the car (thank God Cornel is so good at organizing everything while putting it in the car! :)) and left for our first stop for the weekend: South Carolina! We stayed with Papa and Mommo again, Stacy’s mom and her husband Andres were there too and so it was already a familiar feeling just being there… Of course Mommo and Alice cooked some wonderful food again, here they are in the kitchen:



We were playing somewhere on Sunday morning, but we already got there earlier in the weekend just to spend some time with the family and visit some of Stacy’s friends.

One of those friends, Mark, owns horses and well, I LOVE horses, so we had to go see them! On Saturday there was a horse show and since Mark’s horses were in it, it was the perfect opportunity to go see them! And enjoy some southern cowboy races too! 🙂 After the show was over, Mark actually let me and Stacy ride the horses too!!! It was AWESOME!!! 🙂



Here’s us with Mark and the girls who took us for a ride through the woods!



Here’s us riding through the woods. Stacy’s horse was called Zeb and my horse was called Milkshake! 🙂
















We walked through the woods to the stream so the horses could cool down a little. They did exactly that! After drinking some, they just layed down in the river with us on them! And yes, we had to stay on… Which was not always the case… 😉





















We had such an amazing time! Thanks again Mark, for letting us ride the horses! And thanks girls for taking us out for a ride!!! 🙂




Sunday morning came and it was time for some seriousness again (I know Stacy, that’s not a word ;)). We played 3 songs in the morning church service at Evangel Cathedral in Spartanburg. It’s a huge church, a lot of Stacy’s family goes there. When we went to set up the day before, we looked out from on the stage and were amazed by how many people could fit in there… Cornel asked the worship leader whether it was going to be full on Sunday morning. He said: No tomorrow there’ll probably only be about 400 people… 😉 ONLY??? Oh good, I was about to get nervous… 😉

But there was really no need. From the moment the service started, it was clear that this was a wonderful church to be in, worship was very real and honest, there was no: look at us with the big church and worship team, it was more like: let’s all look together towards the God of this church, that’s the way it’s supposed to be! 🙂


Here’s a glimpse at worship:













And here’s us playing our songs:















After our songs, there was a preaching by the youth pastor, very good, I absolutely loved it! Here’s the link to it if you guys would like to here it: It’s called “Why God”. Enjoy! 🙂




Here’s us with the youth pastor and with the worship leader:






After the service, Stacy had a little pleasant surprise. Edgar was supposed to come see us perform, but somehow his car broke down and so he let us know he wouldn’t be coming right before we had to play. It was kind of sad for Stacy, because of course it would’ve been nice for her to have Edgar there… We were all hanging out in the hallway when suddenly: in walks Edgar!!! 🙂 He got his car running after all… Stacy jumped into his arms and well, you can imagine, it was just like a movie scene… 😉

















After church, we all went out for lunch. The family wanted to take us to a real southern restaurant: Wade’s. All fine, but apperently, on Sunday afternoon, people stand in long lines just to get in there… Oh well… With some good company time flies by, right? 


Here’s us at Wade’s and standing in line…
















And some more standing in line… 😉 Here on the left are Stacy’s cousins Gina and Garan and their friend Krista and on the right is Uncle George smiling at us!














Finally in, we had a really nice lunch together and yes, I admit, the food was good, real southern and well, worth standing in line for… 😉















After dinner it was swimming time at Uncle George’s house! 🙂 The next day would also be Stacy’s birthday, so it was also a kind of pool party for her! We had cake and she had to play the donkey tale game (whatever you call that) and everything! 😉



And yes, there was squirting… (is that a word???) Guys vs Gals… 😉














In the evening we went out for a movie at the dollar theater, it’s like 2.50 for a movie! We saw Thor, really nice! And I got to spend some time with the girls, it was just really fun! Hope to see you again soon, girls!!! 🙂


Well that was our South Carolina weekend. Stay tuned part 2: Nashville!!! 🙂

Coming soon… to blogspots all over the web… lol! 🙂

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Our first South Carolina weekend…

Hey guys,


I wanna tell you about last weekend, which was the first start of our music tour outside of the Atlanta, Georgia area! 🙂 Our first South Carolina weekend!!!

This weekend was a whole new adventure and a bunch of things in one! We had 2 concerts, one on Firday evening and one on Sunday morning, but we also got to spend time with Stacy’s grandparents and family, who live in Pacolet, South Carolina. It was also my birthday on Sunday, as well as Stacy’s grandfather’s, Papa’s birthday! So a lot of things to do in one whole weekend!!! 🙂


We left for South Carolina on Friday and went straight to our first concert location: a meeting with the Full Gospel Business Men at the New Life Worship Center Church. (I know, it’s a mouthful! ;)) This group of men comes together every month to encourage eachother, pray together and just have a nice time together. Most of them are retired. They brought their wives to the meeting too so they could enjoy the music as well. A lot of Stacy’s family members also came to hear her perform. When the concert was about to start, I looked around and saw that everybody except for a couple of people had grey hair! 🙂 I was about to think well this will be interesting, when I heard God say to pay attention and keep my eyes open! I knew He was up to something… 😉

When the meeting began and everybody started talking and sharing, I understood why I had to pay attention. This group of people was REAL! They might have been seniors, but they were more alive in God than most people I’ve seen… ever! It was AMAZING!!! Their faith encouraged me, their love for eachother was inspiring and many of the couples in there were married 50, 60 and even 65 years and you could still see the sparkle in their eyes when they looked at their partners!!! If that’s not inspiring then I don’t know what is! 😉 They were praying for eachother for healing, prophesying over eachother and us, another amazing proof that you are never too old to do anything! It was wonderful. Me and Cornel just looked at eachother in awe and we both agreed that this is exactly what we want to become when we grow older… It was such a blessing being there, so special, such a great example and message in just being there and watching them!

Here’s the church:
















And here’s us performing:
















Like I said, a lot of Stacy’s family was there to support her: Her grandparents, Joe & Louise (who everybody calls Papa & Mommo ;)), her mom, her aunt and her twin uncles: Uncle Reid and Uncle Wib (Joe’s brothers)! Who love her very much apperently… 😉



After the concert, Papa took us and the family out to dinner at Papa’s Breakfast Nook! 🙂















Where we were served by this lovely waitress and where I had pancakes… Of course… 😉 These ones were real American style though: BIG!!! 🙂


















After dinner we went over to Mommo and Papa’s house, where we would be staying the whole weekend! Their house is out into the country side, with lots of land and forrest around it! They grow their own organic fruit and vegetables and even have a pond in the back of the land they own! A very beautiful part of the country! 🙂


Here’s Mommo and Papa:





The next day, Saturday, Papa showed us around the property… on the gator!!! It’s like a little tractor/cart, but with places in the back to sit in. Take us around, Gator! 😉 He showed us the wooden house they used to live in when they were kids (the property is already in their family’s posession for many generation), showed us the pond and the nature around the house and told us about the history of it all! 🙂

Here are some of the nature sights:
















In the evening the whole family came over to already celebrate Papa’s birthday, cause some of them couldn’t come on Sunday. So we had a very nice southern dinner together, prepared by Mommo and Stacy’s mom, Alice! Very nice!


Here’s Stacy with her mom:




When dinner was over, Uncle George had a surprise for Papa: Fireworks!!! 🙂 So we all went outside and waited in the dark for Uncle George to light them! And when he did… BOOM! It was beautiful!!! 🙂 They have such a nice family, they all take care of eachother… 🙂



On Sunday morning we left to go to the next concert, Sunday morning church at Grace United Methodist Church! A very nice church with very kind people! 🙂


Here’s the church and us getting ready for performing:















We had such a blessed time there too! We met a lot of nice people and got many good reactions on the performance! Don’t forget to come back… 😉 Very sweet!


Here’s us with the pastor, her daughter and the musical director!



After church, the pastor and her family took us out for lunch! And cause it was my birthday, we went to Pizza Hut (which I love yay!) :). It was so nice just talking together and meeting all of them! 🙂



Oh and by the way, the Pizza Hut here has something we don’t have: DESSERT PIZZA! ??? 😉 Like pie, but not really… lol!




After that we went back to Mommo and Papa’s house where we celebrated Papa’s and my birthday together with the whole family! And yes, there was a big cake! It said: Happy birthday Papa and Shari… Cute! I got some presents, so nice! Alice gave me 2 necklaces, one with a butterfly, soooooo beautiful, and another one that belonged to her grandmother, that was so special, I was so touched! So thank you, Alice! I LOVE them!!! 🙂 We had such a wonderful time with the whole family and it was so nice meeting everybody! That’s why we’re going back this weekend! 😉 Well, we’re also going cause we have another concert… 😉



On Monday, Stacy said: Since yesterday we were on the road, today is YOUR day, Shari, we’re going to celebrate it!!! 🙂 Well okay then, if your guys insist… 😉 We went to the mall, I got some more presents (woohoo!) and then we went to have dinner at a Japanese restaurant where the chef makes the food at your table on a hot plate! It was AWESOME!!! 🙂 That chef was so good, he did all sorts of tricks with the food and fire and stuff like that! Very cool! And the food was delicious!!!


Here’s our chef:
















Of course, it wouldn’t be a birthday without a nice Margharita!!! 🙂 Thinking of you, Miriam… xxx














When dinner was over, Stacy told the waitor that it was my birthday and they came out with a huge umbrella that I had to hold and they sang me a Japanese birthday song! 🙂 And I got an extra ice cream treat too! Yum! 😉 Oh and another funny thing: one of the Japanese sauces was called Yummy yummy sauce… 😉



After dinner, we went to a karaoke place! We had our own room and Stacy and me took turns singing songs… It was HILARIOUS!!! 😉 And dramatic for Cornel’s ears… 😉




So that was our weekend! It was a good one! Now we are getting ready to leave for our 3 week tour: back to South Carolina, from there we go to Nashville for a couple of days to visit Stacy’s BFF :), and from there we go to Texas for 2 weeks. There we will be staying with Daniel Hodson and his family, Daniel is the man that handles Talmid Ministries in the USA. He’s visited us many times in Romania already, so we’re really looking forward to staying with him for 2 weeks!!! 🙂


So here it begins again… We’ll be travelling a lot the next week, we have some long drives ahead of usBut don’t worry, the car is fully equiped and the gear is fully secured… 😉
















Also, please pray for us while we are on tour, that is so important to us!!! We’ve been experiencing some “technical difficulties” the last couple of weeks with harddisks breaking down and just many things that would keep us from recording more. So please pray for that, that everything will be resolved and that the recording and concerts will go well! Thank you!!! 🙂



Ok, gotta go pack! Cause we’re going on tour!!! 🙂




As always, here are some funny things in America:

  1. They have giant boxes of cheeseballs… (which our guys LOVE… ;))
  2. People eat nachos or chips with their lunch, like a substitute for bread…
  3. There is a huge christian market here, books, cd’s, dvd’s, radio stations, billboards, you name it, they have it in christian! Pretty cool…
  4. Pretty much every car is an automatic… And you get used to them really fast… 😉
  5. If there are 2 lanes on the road, almost everybody drives in the left lane… Even when you want to pass them, they still stay there, you just have to pass them on the right side…
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4th of July Week…

First of all: Happy 4th of July!!! 🙂 I know it’s a week too late, but you already know I’m behind on schedule and like they always say: better late than never… 😉

I was so impressed by the whole patriot attitude the Americans have, all year long of course, but especially on the 4th of July, their Independence Day! 🙂  Eventhough I’m European, seeing everybody so enthousiastic about their country, it kind of got me infected too! 🙂 Us Europeans don’t really care that much and are not brought up to love and be proud of our country. So it was interesting to be here for the 4th of July and taste a little more out of the American culture! That said, here’s a little message for you! 😉




We had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! On Sunday Edgar and Stacy took us to Stone Mountain. It’s a big park next to Atlanta where they have all kinds of stuff about how America used to look, lots of history and a big stone mountain of course! 😉 On one side of the mountain there is a big carving of 3 generals from in the Civil War. They have old trains riding around the park, they have lakes with boats, you can ride to the top of the mountain, they have an adventure part with ropes and climbing stuff, little shops everywhere, mini-golf and much more! In the evening they have an amazing laser show with fireworks afterwards. Very very cool! Now that it was the 4th of July weekend, the place was packed! Good thing was that they also had a longer lasershow with fireworks! It was great!!! 🙂

Here are some pics of us playing golf (which we really love by the way!), Cornel, Stacy and me had hole in ones there! 🙂
















Here’s us riding on the train around the park!

Here we’re waiting on the lasershow to begin in the dark. There were sooooooo many people there that day, the field was filled with people sitting on blankets, chairs, whatever they had brought from home… Good thing we had already reserved our spot when we came into the park!


And then, the lasershow started!!! In the background was the carving of the 3 generals and their horses, which during the lasershow, seemed to come alive at one point! Very smartly done!!! 🙂


On the actual day of the 4th of July we had Stacy’s mom and her husband Andres come over to the house and we had some traditional American food together! 🙂 Corn, chicken, mashed potatoes, coleslaw and beans…













Also, people go a little crazy here on the 4th of July… 🙂 They dress up in the American colours: Red, Blue and White. So of course, we had to try it too… Some felt more patriotic than others… 😉 I also helped Alice a hand by painting her fingernails red, blue and white… 🙂








Stacy is giving me piano lessons while I’m here and so now that I had an audience, I gave my first little recital… 🙂




At the end the day, of course we watched a bunch of fireworks! 🙂 There are fireworks exploding all over town on the 4th, it’s soooooo beautiful!!! Happy 4th of July everybody!!! 🙂





We also celebrated 2 birthdays last week! It was Cliff’s birthday on the 1st of July and so we went over to his appartment to celebrate it together with him.

Cliff lives in an amazing appartment building which basically has everything included! 🙂 First we went to the resident pool, very nice and relaxing!


Of course, a good party is nothing without presents, good food and cake!!! So… we brought Cliff a bunch of presents and I baked him special cookies for his birthday!












Stacy also brought him a bunch of balloons! He loved them, especially the one of Elmo… 😉


After the pool and presents, it was dinner time! The food was amazing, so good! 🙂 To give you a little taste: this was the first course: pea soup with salmon and cream… Yum yum… 🙂


And then… the cake… Cliff loves carrot cake so Alice and Andres brought a big shiny one!


After all those calories, we had to do some excercise of course… 🙂 So Cliff, Stacy and me went to take a hip hop class downstairs in the gym area (yes still in the same building of course… ;)). It was ouch (no I’m not out of shape…) but great and so much fun!!! Work it people!!! 😉

Then we went to relax in the gaming room, played some foosball, arcades, watched a movie and played pool of course! Yes golf and pool, those are the guys’ kinds of sports… 😉



The second birthday last week was the birthday of Papa Don. Don and his wife have been long time friends with Stacy’s family and so Don is like a grandfather to Stacy and everybody just calls him Papa Don! 🙂 He turned 95!!! And he’s still very much alive and kickin’! 🙂

We had a wonderful time at Papa Don’s birthday party and took part of great things…

Meeting new people like Tim and Liz:










A lot of cuteness in this adorable family 🙂 :


Bagpipe playing in honour of Papa Don:


Yummy yummy food and desserts (and some more muffins lol):













Cute pics 😉 :



And a full house!



After dinner, talking and sharing, Stacy, Cornel and me sang one of our songs for Papa Don.



Which then turned into a time of worship… And here’s a lesson for you: you’re never too old to worship! Papa Don is the living proof with his 95 years old!!! 🙂















For that matter, you’re never too old to learn new things! Papa Don got a new iPad for his birthday… 😉



And still on that note of never being too old to do anything, here’s a little link to Stacy wanting to stay young forever… With some issues I admit… 😉 Towards the 54th second it gets even more interesting…




Another truth in life: Boys will be boys… 🙂 Here are the boys with their toys… 😉



And some more funny things I’ve seen in America:

  1. They have drive through dry cleaners… You just hand over your stuff and when you go pick it up, you stop in front of the open door and they’ll come hang your clothes in your car! 🙂
  2. Together with the endless refills, you also get how much mayo or ketchup you would ever want… for free! Stock up people!!! 😉
  3. Everywhere you go to have a drink, they fill your glass for 3/4 with ice and then pour your drink in… Way too cold for me, I always ask NO ice please, yes I’m from Europe…
  4. That you have to give tips in restaurants we already knew (although here you have to give a certain amount or else you’re just rude!), but that you even have to tip when you go get your hair or nails done or even when you go get a massage, is a little over the top! Wasn’t that included in the price??? We have to pay the whole price AND tips???
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New friends…

Hey guys, we’ve been out of internet for a little while, but now we’re back online!!! 🙂 So I’ll try to catch everyone up a on what’s been happening these past weeks!


First of all, we had 2 more concerts! 🙂

The first concert was for the singles from the SingleLife Ministry and we were able to have the concert at Perimeter Church! It’s a very big and beautiful church in Atlanta, it’s also the church where Edgar and Stacy got married, so it was very special for Stacy (and for us too of course! :)) to be able to perform there!

Here’s the church from the outside:


After making our way through all the hallways and different doors, we arrived in the room we would play in. Very intimate and nice  and with inspirational messages on the walls… 🙂












Everybody brought some food, we had a nice dinner together and after that, it was time to perform! We sang some of Stacy’s songs all together, then Stacy also sang some songs with the cd to let people know how it will be sounding when the album will be finished and then Cornel and me also sang a song in Romanian together.


Here’s us performing:





These last pics are taken by our lovely photographer friend Marie Nease! 🙂 She was there too. Thanks Marie! Your pics are amazing!!! 🙂



Here’s Stacy and me with Dave , who leads the SingleLife Ministry.



Our second concert was on a Sunday morning at Christ Fellowship Stone Mountain. A lovely church with such loving and caring people! Pastor Chris and his wife have been longtime friends with Stacy’s family. His words that morning were so good, filled with wisdom and love.



After worship and the pastor sharing, it was our turn. We didn’t feel we should sing all of the songs we would normally play, rather, lead the people even more in worship and share God’s heart.


Here’s us performing and talking to the people:










Cornel had written a song especially for this church and this morning, it was beautiful, it tells about God being good to us. While he was singing this song, Edgar and Stacy danced on it… 🙂















One of the ways we could experience the big hearts of the people in the church, was when they were asked to pray for a family that was going to go on a mission trip. The whole church came forward to pray for them! 🙂



After church we were invited to pastor Chris’ house to have lunch with their whole family. His wife and her sister made us such good food, we thought we were in Europe again… 😉



So that were the concerts! 🙂



Now I’d like to tell you about something that we did at the beginning of our visit here but I never got to share… The Creative Dinner Party at Edgar and Stacy’s house!!! 🙂

This was one of Stacy’s wonderful creative ideas of welcoming us in America and in the meantime let us meet her friends and family! The idea of the evening was that everyone would bring some food, we would have dinner together and then that everyone would also bring something ‘creative’. 🙂 That creative thing can be a song, a poem, a painting, … Anything creative… Challenging… What would you bring? 🙂


Here’s the food and us having dinner! Of course the meal could not be complete without some Belgian pickles, some Romanian zacusca and some Belgian Leffe! 🙂 During dinner, Cornel and me had the chance to tell our story, of how we got together… Love was in the air… And if that story isn’t creative, then I don’t know what is… 😉



















After dinner came the creative part! Everybody could share what creative thing they had brought! 🙂

Cornel and Stacy shared what they had already worked on for the album while Cornel played the solo part on his guitar…















Our favorite photographer Marie shared her poetry and gave everybody pictures she had redone and framed in a special way… I also got one! 🙂















She also made these pics of us. I told you she was amazing!!! 😉














Alice, Stacy’s mom, shared some of the work she had written. Matt, another friend of Stacy’s, shared his comedy, he had written a whole comedy routine, it was hilarious!


And then Jesse designed a special year calendar that he’s showing us here.



Cynthia and Saji sang 99 bottles of beer on the wall together, Saji sang it with an indian accent, hilarious!!! 🙂




And last but not least: Edgar gave the boys a creative puzzle: of getting a horse shoe ring off the horse shoe without breaking it (which my hubby had figured out so fast of course! ;)), then he showed us the video he made for Survivor and then he showed us the wonderful garden he had made, with pond yes! Not to dive in, no… 😉











At the end of the evening, we went to the cinema at Discover Mills to watch X-Men: First Class! A great ending to a great evening! 🙂




Another family we spent some time with these days were the Breeches! Meredith Breeche is one of Stacy’s students, you’ve seen her on some of my other posts. Well they invited us to dinner and so we had the chance to spend some more time with them and get to know them better! It was so much fun! Dinner was amazing (thank you Phyllis!!!) and afterwards we just spent time together, it was wonderful! Such a nice family! 🙂















I also got to spend some more time with Amy these weeks. Amy, the amazing cookie and cake decorator!!! 🙂 I’m learning so much from her and now I’m all excited about making different kinds of cookies with different colours and patterns and cakes and muffins and… Okay, I was already excited about it before too, but now I’m SUPER excited!!! 🙂

We’ve gone to the pool together, the library, to an animal farm where you can just pet the deer and the squirrels eat out of your hand 🙂 and of course baked some more cookies, muffins and cake! 🙂


Here’s me and her daughter Savannah at the pool and then Amy with both kids, Savannah and Tyler. A lot of neighbourhoods here have a common pool that all the residents can just go to, it’s really cool!

















Here’s us making some more cupcakes! Banana cupcakes yum yum…


















We also made a special cake for Stacy. Her (and my) birthday is coming up and Amy isn’t going to see either of us on them cause we’ll be touring. So she wanted to make a cake before we left. So we set out to make a sunflower looking cake (since Stacy loves flowers!) and here’s the result! 🙂



First practice! Making blue icing and me practicing to make a weaving motive…
















Then actually putting the icing on the cake and making the weaving pattern… Harder than it looks… 😉

















But it’s all worth it for the result! 😉



Ok, enough update for now! 🙂



Here are some more funny things in America! 🙂

  1. I saw a store that had their own peanutbutter machines, like you could just choose whatever kind of nuts you wanted and then make your own peanutbutter on the spot! 🙂
  2. At the highway exits you always have signs with whatever restaurant, grocery store or gas station you have at that exit! Nice and convenient!
  3. Everything has ziplocs! 😉
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Divine appointments & weekend gettaways…

Hey guys, I’m sorry it took me so long to put up another post. As you might know, my grandfather died last week and so, I’ve taken some time to process it all and to grieve. Today was his funeral. This has been a whole emotional rollercoaster week for me…


We’ve had 2 concerts last weekend, so it was a matter of getting myself back together to sing. In the rehearsals on the day of the concerts, I just broke down and cried. Sitting in the car driving to the concert I thought: I really don’t want to do this, I really don’t feel like doing this, well, I didn’t really feel like doing anything for that matter… But the Lord is so faithful to comfort and to teach me something even in this time. He put it like this: You have 2 choices, either you sit here and don’t like anything that’s going on, stay sad and feel terrible the whole concert through OR you can do something good eventhough you don’t ‘feel’ like it. You can be friendly, you can minister, you can do your best, eventhough it goes totally against you emotions. Of course, I had a reason to be sad and Stacy even told me in advance that I didn’t have to sing if I didn’t want to. But during that car ride to the concert I decided I was going to do my best at this concert and glorify Him, because no matter what I feel like, He is worthy of all my praise. So I did. I prayed for God to help me do this and do it right. And let me tell you, the loving Father that He is, He made this concert to be one of the best we’ve ever done! 🙂


The concert was on Friday evening at Vinings Worship Center. A cute little church and with mighty big people in it! 🙂 Lovely people, so hospitable and they have a wonderful profetic ministry going on too. We played a couple of Stacy’s songs, while being so encouraged by the reaction of the people in the church! That was so nice! 🙂 Then we went over into free worship, it was wonderful! People singing together with us, praising God! Beautiful! 🙂 Cornel got to minister to them in a great way, people praying and dancing… 🙂

















At one point, Cornel played a spontaneous song with the pastor and another man in church, he was profecied over that he is going to praise the Lord more in music, so  he could come up and start doing it right away! 🙂





The profetic ministry is mostly done by Harriet and Economy, great women of God wit their hearts in the right place! We had a time of prayer and they also ministered to Cornel and me, and to Stacy too. It was a very special and blessed time! Here they are:















After the concert we took Harriet out to dinner at IHOP, the International House of Pancakes! 🙂 And yes, the blueberry pancakes were AMAZING! 😉

















Our second concert was way up into the Georgia mountains, at Cartecay UMC, a lovely church too with lovely people! Very friendly and open.  There was a big storm that night, we had to sway across the road because of the broken branches and everything! This time Edgar could come with us, since he normally works when we have concerts, but not this time! 🙂 So that was special!

Here’s the church and us setting up for the concert:
















We first sang a couple of Stacy’s songs with the 3 of us, then Stacy sang 2 with a track from the actual cd in the making, so the people would also get an idea of how the cd is going to sound. Then Stacy sang her song Leaving it all Behind, with which she made it to the finals of a christian radio station contest last year (you can find it on Youtube if  you’d like to see it… ;))















After the concert, there was a chance to talk to the people of the church, while enjoying a cookie or muffin (yum yum! :)). A lot of people asked me about our humanitarian organisation in Romania (if you want to know more about that, you can check it out at, the differences between Belgium, Romania and America and well, we just had a really nice chat with everybody! 🙂
















We spent the night at David and Theresa’s house. They are such lovely people and their house up in the mountains was sooo beautiful and peaceful! I felt like we were right back in our mountains in Romosel… 🙂 It was so nice to meet them!

















The next day, Sunday, it was tourist day! 🙂 We got to visit places and really play the tourist for a couple of hours! Of course, we ARE tourists… 😉

We first went to see Amicalola Falls, a beautiful nature park with a gorgeous waterfall. You could either walk through the woods on hiking trails or climb to the top of the waterfall with stairs. Of course we took the stairs… Grrr… 😉 604 steps up and 604 steps back down… Oh yes, that’s 1208 steps, I know… I felt that… 😉 A LOT of stairs… Good thing Cornel is such a kind husband, helping my out of shape butt up the stairs to the top… 😉
























Finally at the top, I thanked God for Coca Cola… It’ll get your blood sugar right back up! 😉
















And if that doesn’t work, you can count on Cornel to fix the problem… 😉




We got some great pictures up there too! Here are some…







































After the climbing and all that nature, we went to the more touristic part of the day and went to visit the little town Helen. It’s supposed to be a “European” looking town, but I think only Americans see it like that… 😉 But nevertheless, it was a charming little town where we could really act like tourists! 🙂 We walked around, visited little stores, like the glasblowing store, ate at an ‘international’ restaurant, ate a huge ice cream, played pool, arcades, saw pirates and watched people struggle to stay on their tubes in the water… (Cornel and Edgar had a really good view from the restaurant balcony, they had so much fun with that!) 😉






















































So that was our weekend! 🙂

Now last week we also did some great stuff, I’ll write some now and some in the next post in a couple of days!


One of the things that happened last week was a Twinkle Recital! 🙂 What is that you ask? Well when Stacy’s students start learning the piano, the first section of lessons is learned with twinkles, different songs that they have to play first with one hand and then with the other. There are 4 twinkle songs. When they have mastered all those 4 songs, they have a twinkle recital and get their twinkle reward from ‘Miss’ Stacy! 🙂 It’s all very cute and fun! So last week it was Annika’s turn. She has now mastered all of the twinkles! Good job Annika!!! 🙂 The recital was at Stacy’s house and of course I had to come and watch! Annika did a wonderful job and played the twinkles very good!



After playing all the 4 twinkles, she was given her twinkle award by Miss Stacy! Her parents were very proud too of course!!! 🙂














Annika’s mom also brought lots of yummyness! And strawberry punch… 😉





Of course there was a lot of practicing going on last week too…













And oh yes, we bought half of the Victoria’s Secret store in their semi-annual sale… 😉

















More next time! 🙂


Here are some funny things in America as usual:

  1. They have a drive through bank where you can just put your cheques in a tube and then it sends it to the people inside the bank, they process it and give you the money for the cheque… Looks very sci-fi… 😉 Amy’s showing it to me:
  2. In the same drive through, they have an ATM machine where you can just put all your cheques in (like 50 at a time), it’ll scan them and then put the money on your account! Same with money, VERY sci-fi… 🙂
  3. The toilet paper is very thin… 😉
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Daag opa…

I just wanted to let you guys know that my grandfather, my opa, died yesterday.

He went peacefully yesterday in the company of his earthly family. Now he gets to stand before the Lord Almighty and his new heavenly family.


I have a lot of things to tell you about the last couple of days, but I will not be posting a new post on here untill somewhere next week, just to take a couple of days to process it all and out of respect for my opa. It’s just not the same telling everybody about my fun moments now.


Daag opa, ik ga je missen…


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