Last weeks in Atlanta…


So this is the last blog about last summer! After this one, there’s only going to be present and future blogs instead of past blogs… 🙂


After touring for a couple of weeks, and spending our last 2 weeks in Dallas, Texas, it was time to go back home to Atlanta. It has been such a great experience travelling through the South East states, we’ve seen so many great things, visited some cool places and met some amazing people.

But sometimes, it’s also nice just to be home again and relax. Of course, that relaxing part would have to wait, cause we still had a lot of things to do, eventhough the official touring part was over.

There were still enough things to do: record some more (of course), visit some new found friends, visit Stacy’s family in South Carolina again for the weekend, rebuild the music room, celebrate our anniversary, go to a worship evening, hang out with some other musicians and have an awesome yard sale!!! 🙂

So here’s a little view on those last couple of weeks we spent in the States!

Like I said, there still had to be some more recording done while we were there, but that could not be done before we redid the music room! 🙂

Here’s what we started with:




Stacy wanted to take her own motto and simplify! 🙂 So everything got moved around, big shelves were thrown out and a more practical desk was put in. Only problem, the desk would not put itself in, so we needed a man to handle that! Cornel to the rescue! 😉 He built, rebuilt, hammered and planned!

Almost there… 🙂











And here’s the result:











Of course, if that wouldn’t have worked out, we could always count on Stacy to save the day! 😉












So when the music room was done, they could start on the recording! They needed to record some more vocal tracks and so with Cornel in the music room and Stacy in the recording booth, they did some of their finest work! 🙂












And of course, if Cornel and Stacy were working hard recording, I couldn’t sit around and do nothing! So I practised my piano some more! 🙂













Now eventhough the real touring was over, we still had 2 ‘concert stops’ to make in those last weeks. The first one was at Hearts on Fire Ministries, a very nice and on fire church near Atlanta. We were asked to come play some of our songs, but to also worship with them. It turned out to be an amazing evening. We met some wonderful people, the pastors are amazing, the sound technicians and worship leader, the people there, it was just so nice to meet everybody! We played some of Stacy’s songs, Cornel and Stacy got to share some and then we went into worship. It was so special, everybody worshipping together!

Here are some pictures:














Our second stop was back in South Carolina with Stacy’s family and the church there. Remember the church with the grey headed men where we had one of the best church services ever? 🙂 So much to learn from them, it’s amazing! Well, we were asked to come back one more time and play some more songs and just worship. So see, our ‘concert stops’ were really all ‘worship stops’, best kinds of stops! 😉













Also, they asked Cornel to give his testimony, so he did. It’s a great story, how the Lord brought him back to Him (like he likes to say it)!














Of course, the story would not be the whole story without our story, the story of how Cornel and I ended up together! The Lord did such an amazing thing, made it so clear to us that we were meant to be together, so of course that story had to be told as well! My turn to tell my part of the story!














It was so amazing to tell our story to those people in church, they’ve all been married for so many years, some of them even for 50 years! So it was very special to be able to tell them our story and then to watch them and think about how our lives will look in 50 years. 🙂


After the meeting all that was left for us to do is hug Stacy’s family goodbye (especially Mommo! ;)), take a group picture and drive back to Atlanta… Goodbye South Carolina, goodbye wonderful people!
















We also still got to spend some more time with Alice, Stacy’s mom, her husband Andres and Stacy’s brother, Cliff. One afternoon we went over to Alice & Andres’ house, had a nice meal together and just spend some time together. Really nice! Their house is so nice and Alice sure knows how to decorate a table! And cook too, of course! 😉

















In the meantime, there was some great relaxing time outside and afterwards even … sleeping time inside! 😉

















It was also nice for Stacy (and us! :)) to hang out with Cliff some more!


















Like I said, we also got to spend time with some new found friends. Especially Cornel is this case. Stacy introduced him to the Russ & Hollie Johnson and their family. They’re a wonderfully musical family! Russ and his boys have a band together, they write their own songs, play together in the transformed basement and have a great time together as a family! They asked if Cornel could come spend some time with them, maybe record them, show them some more music stuff and just hang out. So he went over to their house for a couple of days and had a great time!


He arrived there fully equiped… 😉












Here’s a picture of the whole family:













We also got to hear some of their songs! They sound amazing and it was really great hearing what they had written!












Of course they wanted to hear some of the songs we had been playing on the road as well! It became a very musical evening! 🙂













Another great thing that happened in our last weeks was: YAAAAAAAAAARD SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALE!!! 🙂

I now LOVE yard sales, not only going to them, but having them too!!! It’s so much fun! You get to stay outside all day, meet some interesting people, have friends over and well, make money with stuff you’re not using anymore anyway! Great great concept!!! 😉 Stacy and Edgar had already done a bunch of yard sales to support the music ministry and the Romania ministry, but now they had one when we were there and when I could actually be a part of it! People asking me how much this costs, me telling them it’s 7 dollars but if they take 2 then they can get them both for 10 dollars… Aaaah it’s like I was made for this… 😉


So here’s how our yard sale looked:













We had Christmas decorations, vintage clothes, books, dvd’s and cd’s, toys, jewlery, furniture, pretty much anything you could think of, we had it! 😉



















We even had a 1 dollar table!











We had lots of friends come over to help or just to see what we had in store.


Cynthia  and Abby came to help us a couple of days:














And let me tell you, having a yard sale has all sorts of advantages… 😉











Allison came to buy a vintage dress (doesn’t she look adorable?! :))











Even Cornel’s friend Richard came to support our cause!















And the neighbour’s cat also came to help… 😉











For the occasion, I also made some cookies. Cookies 4 a cause! 🙂 I made oatmeal raisin cookies and decorated sugar cookies. The money went straight to the kids from Romania and their school sponsor program.












At one moment, it started raining cats and dogs, I mean, really pouring down like CRAZY! We had to rush to put everything under blankets or under the roof. Unfortunately, not everyone made it… 😉















Ok almost there… 🙂



For our last night in the States, Edgar and Stacy took us to an arcade! First we had a really nice dinner. Our friend Cynthia also joined us!
















Then we played some pool…















And some glow in the dark bowling!!! How awesome is that?! I had never even heard of something like that!














So those were our last adventures in the States!

We had such an amazing time! It was such a great experience, we met so many interesting people, did some really fun stuff, learned a lot, it was just amazing!!! We had such a blessed time!



Thanks again to Edgar and Stacy, who let us stay with them for 3 months, giving us a place in their home, a piece of their time and a whole lot of their love. Thanks you guys!!! We love you!!! Can’t wait to see you again!!!















To be continued… 😉


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