Touring the tour – Part 4: Texas

Hey you guys! I know what you’re thinking: a little late for another post about last year’s tour… But I really wanted you to hear the last parts of our adventure! And well, better late than never, right? 🙂

See, by the time we got back from all the touring and I had made the blogs about the first parts of the tour, it was already time to go back home to Romania. And once we got back home, we were thrown right back into work and well, lots of craziness  going on!

So now, 9 months later, we find ourselves 2 weeks away from the next USA summer tour!!! Yes, in about 2 weeks we’ll be flying back to the States for another 3 months of music, touring, concerts and touristing (yes that’s a word! :p). So I wanted you guys to see the last parts of last year’s summer before we start the new adventure of this summer! I have 2 more blogs to make about last summer: this one is about the last part of our tour: Texas. And then the next blog will be about our last weeks back in Atlanta. So I hope you don’t mind reading about last year… I’ll try to do better this summer and post my blogs in time! 😉

So here we go!!!

After visiting Nashville and Memphis (Graceland remember? :)), we drove on to Texas, where we were going to stay with our beloved friends Daniel and Kirsten Hodson for 2 weeks. And let me tell you, we had a wonderful 2 weeks!!! Daniel & Kirsten (and their whole family) were so welcoming and nice to us and we had such a blessed time with them! Daniel & Kirsten have 3 children: Leah, Carey and Haley. They have such a lovely home, it was amazing staying there for 2 weeks!

Here’s a picture of us with (almost) the whole family: Kirsten, Stacy, me, Cornel, Haley, Leah and Daniel.

Here’s a picture of Leah and Casey:

And Carey and Molly:

So now you’ve met the whole family! 🙂 This last picture was taken on one of the concerts we did in Daniel and Kirsten’s house. We had 2 concerts organised in their house and they were just wonderful! An intimate kind of setting, just a couple of friends and family, it was really nice! We were so blessed! And apparently the people were too, cause some of them even came back for the second concert too! 🙂

This was our setup in Daniel & Kirsten’s livingroom:

And here are some concert pictures:


















We also had 2 special guests :p! Haley plays the harp beautifully and so she let us hear some in one of the concerts. And Leah has a beautiful voice and sang a couple of songs with us! 🙂








Now the concerts at Daniel & Kirsten’s house were also combined with a meal. Everybody brought food and desserts and it was really nice! Since I like cookies and desserts so much, I made muffins, oatmeal cookies and decorated cookies! 🙂 Daniel also wanted to help write the messages on the heart cookies! 😉
























And of course, the cookies had no chance, they were sentenced to death from the start, like Stacy is demonstrating here… :p






















We also had a concert in the home of John & Betty Brembeck, Daniel & Kirsten’s friends. They also opened their livingroom (and music room) for us to play in. It was such a great time and we met such wonderful people!

Here’s a picture of us with the Brembecks!

They have this really beautiful old piano that Stacy got to play on and so because the piano could not be moved, we played from the music room the piano was standing in. Some chairs in the next room and we were ready to start! 🙂












So those were the ‘home’ concerts. 🙂 One Sunday we went to church with Daniel & Kirsten. They go to a very big church next to Dallas. The service was very nice and afterwards we went to have a little chat with the pastor. Daniel mentioned we are here to do some concerts and so the pastor says: “That’s great! Why don’t you have one here too?” Now I don’t know about you, but that usually doesn’t really happen like that! 😉 You normally have to ask weeks or months in advance to play in a church like this! So that was awesome!!! We had the chance to share our songs and some of the things we do in Romania as well and it was really great!


Here are some of the concert pictures:
























After the concert, Kirsten, Stacy and me went to a standup comedy evening in the same church. Tim Hawkins was coming for a concert and since he’s a christian standup comedy artist we wanted to go see! So it was a little girl’s night out! 🙂







So like I said, Daniel & Kirsten live next to Dallas. One day they took us through town and showed us some cool places. Like this one: the Trinity Overlook, it’s a very nice view on the city!








They also showed us lots of other stuff! Kirsten introduced me to thrift stores (second hand stores that are AMAZING!!!) and so I was addicted from the start! 😉 They also showed us a real ‘Texan’ place (being in Texas and all… ;)): the Southern Junction! It’s a restaurant/bar/dancing place (whatever it’s called) that all country!!! It was soooooo much fun!!! There was live music, dancing (everybody dances and apparently, they all know the steps too…):


Here’s how it looked:















And you have to grill your own meat! Good thing us Gourmands know how to do that! 😉















Here’s all of us sitting at the table together! It was such a great evening, getting to know everyone a little better, having some great food and just hanging out! And having some love in the air too of course… 😉















And if all that fun wasn’t enough fun, there always was… THE BULL!!! :p








Stacy was the bravest of us all, she went, she conquered, she rode!!! 😉










So that was our time in Dallas, Texas! It was such a wonderful time. Of course we did many more things than you can see in these pictures, but that would just be way too much to put in a blog! It was great! 🙂 Thank you so much Daniel & Kirsten (and the rest of the family!) for taking us in and letting us stay with you guys! It was such a blessing and it was just AWESOME!!! 🙂 We hope to see you again soon and be back soon too!




Oh I almost forgot, I wanted to show you the newest member in the Hodson family! 🙂 When we were there, Kirsten got herself the cutest little dog: Honey!!! Isn’t she adorable? 🙂







So go with the cute puppy and these words: If ever in Texas in July, take your sunscreen, water and a pool, cause it’s freakin’ HOT!!! :p

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